Cruise Day Six, Nassau Bahamas

By on January 19th, 2017

Where Peggy discovers her inner smuggler.

Nassau was beautiful. We docked next to a Disney cruise
They have a slide that goes out over the water off the side of the boat. Cool.
We took a tour of the Atlantis resort. Very nice. The beach was great there.
We did a bunch of shopping too. Peggy decided she was going to try and sneak more alcohol on board so she bought a fifth of tequila and Nassau rum. Anthony refused to carry the bag so Peggy had to do it herself. Josh and I decided to hang back. When we were going through security, one of the crew was laughing and talking about a man and woman tried to smuggle alcohol on board. When we got back to the room Peggy was all smiles with her illegal bounty. Apparently the man and woman in front of her got snagged and were causing a commotion. They asked Peggy if she had alcohol and she said yes. They told her to go stand over by the other people but they were raising such a fuss Peggy just said, “What? I don’t understand,” and smiled her little Peggy smile. She ran up the steps and got away. Anthony is still shocked.