Track meet at Northern

By on April 16th, 2015

Josh had a really good track meet tonight. He ran the 200, 400, 400 relay and 800 relay.

From Dawson

results 4-16

scores 4-16

Hello All,
First off, I’d like to thank every single person that was able to help out in any way you could!  With your donations to the concession stand we were able to raise/sell a total of $835 that will go to our account! So thank you all for that!.  Also, if you were able to volunteer you time, our meets would have been no where near as efficient without your help! And we would have been there even longer
Below is a link to our team Shutterfly account, I had forgotten about it until yesterday.  So if you have taken any pictures this season, please just follow the link and upload any and all pictures of the team this season.

After yesterday, our girls remain 8-0 and our boys are now 6-2. We had a TON of great performances from everyone in all events.  Everyone is dropping times increasing heights/throws/jumps, so lets keep this going through to the state meet!  And maybe as our times decrease or distances increase we can bring home a couple more trophies/plaques back to the school!
If there are any mistakes in the results, just shoot me an email and I will go back and see if we can fix it.
Thanks again.
Distance will be having practice out of my house at 7am, I need it to be earlier because I have to drive up to my home town for a baby shower for my wife and I.  I know it’s early and that’s a struggle for most to get up, but lets no start slacking off on our running at this point in the season.  We still have 5 weeks left until our state meet and that is a ton of time to drop some more time.
Jumpers/hurdlers will be having practice at 9 or 10. I will send out another email later confirming what time.
Sprinters, if you want to work on block work or would like to try hurdles or any of the jumps. Tomorrow would be a perfect time for that.

Track Results

By on April 13th, 2015

From Dawson,

Hello all,

Saturday info:
  • Our girls team place 8th and our boys team placed 3rd overall!
  • We had a great weekend for a meet, a little cold and windy on Saturday where the meet was located, but overall a great day.
  • Here is the link for results;
  • I will send out a spread sheet of splits tomorrow or tonight from most of the track events.
Tomorrow we will be having our track meet at home tomorrow.  When it comes to the weather, we will still be having the meet unless there is thunder and lightning.  I have looked into moving the meet, but the school facility are booked for Wed and some of the teams are going to an invite on Friday and it is not conducive to have  to meets back to back. So plan on attending the meet with rain gear and umbrellas.
If you have extra tents for the teams, I’m sure they would appreciate it if you were able to bring them.
Before the meet happens we will be doing a senior night where we will be recognizing our seniors. If you are a parent of a senior, we would like you at the meet by 3:45 so we can recognize them all and get the meet started by 4.  Thank you.
For the parents that are going to be helping out, if you are able to please get to the meet around 3:30 and come find me so we can assign you to an event and figure out where we will need more help.
When it comes to leaving early for most meets, it is not a problem. But, since we are hosting the meet we are, as a team, responsible for putting out the hurdles and getting things cleaned up once the meet is done.  I am going to need all individuals to stay until the end of the meet to help clean up.  If you have to leave early for what ever reason you need to come see me and help clean up  something  before you leave.  Weather its taking something to my Jeep or putting a couple of hurdles away, we are all responsible for the meet.  Thank you for understanding, and we will be having an exhibition 4×1 tomorrow just before the 4×4.  We will have a throwers 4×1 that has become some what of a regular event at our home meets.  I have emailed the other teams to inform them of this event, so hopefully we will get to see who has the fastest throwers in SMAC!

Josh’s soccer team gets a bit of revenge

By on April 12th, 2015

Josh’s soccer team got a bit of revenge on Jimmy’s team beating them 4-2. They had lost to them in the conference final last week. Josh played well and had a goal. We sat next to Big Jim and Linda (Jimmy’s mom) the whole game. They’re very nice. Jimmy’s sister Lauren is on his team this year so it’s nice for them.

Emily’s Easter Basket

By on April 12th, 2015

We gave Emily an Easter basket when they were over yesterday. She sent us a thank you today.

Thank you Uncle Dan and Aunt Peggy for my awesome Easter basket!!


By on April 11th, 2015

Emily, Judy, Alan, Heather and Mark came over for a cookout. Mark and Heather brought potato salad and homemade brownies that were really good. Judy and Alan brought over some vegetables that Alan cooked on the grill, some humus and a bunch of other stuff. We had a ton of other food. Peggy cooked a big roast for about six hours and we had hamburgers and a bunch of snacks. Peggy made a nice fatchetti cake for everyone. My screen door survived…barely. Alan bumped into it and then five minutes later Mark walked right through it. Good times though.